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Third Single

Two Of A Kind

Check it, check it, one, two, three !
We two of a kind, you gotta keep in mind
That you and me goin´ like skates on the grind
Though the time is hard and look like a game of dart,
We´ll make it through, cause we are like a fist, we´re one big part.

Soul companions, tryin´ hard to find a way
Though the road is long and windin´ we gonna make it home someday
We´ve got a vision of the life we hope to find
And we got determination, to keep on movin´ down the line

No matter if mountains, stand in our way
As long as we believe in each other, we will find a brighter day

We´re two of a kind, we need to belong
We´re lookin´ for some place to call home
We´re two of a kind, we´re sharin´ a dream
You can be sure we gonna stick together
We´re two of a kind

When we´re together, we got the might to turn clouds in sunny weather
If we grow up to 24, we´ll even make it better
Stayin´ cool, cause we know that there´s one for each other
Even help the poor, if we take one after another

There in a distance, there shines a guiding light
We gonna reach our destination, it won´t be long till it´s in sight
Maybe tomorrow will bring the answer to our prayer
And the only thing we need is a little thing to take us there

And who cares if dark clouds are heading our way
If we just put our trust in each other, we will find a brighter day


I´m sure we gonna show the others, how to play some game
If we make it through the struggle, we´re the winners some day
And when I´m in Berlin and you in New York
You know I´m there for you, don´t care where ever you are
´cause you´re my friend and there ain´t no one who ever could do
Fake moves on us, cause be bust with trust through the dust
It´s like this and they all believe that we got the guts
To get the world go on wild, cause we got unique in our style

2x Refrain