Marlon Is A Great Singer From Germany
The Teen Star Was About To Land A Big Hit With
His Exceptional Song And Single "Lieber Gott", But It
Was Cancelled At The Last Minute. Then In July 2002
His Debut Single "Ich Hab Dich Zuerst Gesehen" Was

September: "Lieber Gott" Was Released As A Charity-
Single, Now Feat. A Few German Stars In The Refrain.

Charts: 72 (53,44,36,31,20,14,11,10,7,8,6,6,10,9) Dec. 23

Single Charts Germany 2002 "Lieber Gott" Position 42

Marlon's Album "Hallo Liebes Leben" Was Released
Oct. 14. German Album Charts Positions: 94 (79,64)

New Single "Fragen, Fragen, Fragen" Released Dec. 23
German Single Charts: Position 93 (77) Jan. 20, 2003

2006: Marlon Returned With The Single "Was Immer Du
Willst", But The Next Single And Especially The 2nd
Album Had Been Postponed Several Times Over Months.
Eventually They Were Released, But Without Proper
Promotion, So Almost Nobody Even Knew About It...

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Pictures Of Marlon, From 1999 And 2002:

Little Marlon Marlon