RJ And Benji, Photo: NUTS/BMG

About RJ And Benji

RJ:Ronhold-Randolph Rose (Junior)
Birthday:October 17, 1982
Hobbies:Internet, Computer Games
Fave Subjects In School:English, Informatics
Benji:Benjamin Rose
Birthday:January 10, 1984
Hobbies:Remote-Controlled Car, Go-Kart
Fave Subjects In School:Sport, Home Economics
Parents:Gisela And Randolph Rose (Pop Singer)
Sisters:Kristin And Nastassja (Group: TSHAI)
Residence:Osnabrueck (Germany)
Shared Hobbies:Water Skiing, Basketball, Skateboarding
Favourite Music:Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Hip Hop
Favourite Food:Hamburger, Pommes Frites
Pet:Dog "Tiffi"

RJ, Dad, Mom And Benji

Since August 1997 R&B Released The Singles

Gimme Help

Only You

Two Of A Kind

Letīs Go Dancing

I Will Be Your Friend

Were Part Of The "Hand In Hand For Christmas" All Stars Song

Go Hand In Hand For Christmas Day

And Of The Birthday Allstars Song

Happy Birthday

R&B Also Contributed The Title Song "Be My Girl"

To The Cartoon "Hot Dogs" (April 1999)

Benji And RJ, Photo: NUTS/BMG

Live & TV Dates (1999)


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Benji And RJ

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RJ And Benji

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